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Trinity Bender

Trinity is the newest addition to the team. She is good at too many things to list here, but writing about herself is not one of them.  As such, we've taken it upon ourselves to ask her a series of questions, which we will also be answering for her.

Now on to the fake interview:

Team: So Trinity, born and raised in Colorado?

Trinity: Yes.

Team: You must love the outdoors then, yeah?

Trinity: Why yes, I enjoy the array of outdoor activities the Centennial State has to offer, including but not limited to biking, hiking, camping, and water sports.

Team: That's a great list. Now, Trinity, let's get real.

Trinity: Please don't.

Team: What is your greatest fear?

Trinity: I'm not answering that.

Team: OK, a moderate concern then?

Trinity: I guess that I will miss an important real estate email?

Team: Is that why you watch our inbox like Leon (your pet lady dog, not to be confused with Steve and Maggie's son Leon, who is a boy child) watches a squirrel?

Trinity: Yes?

Team: Thought so. Moving on, how did you get so good at real estate?

Trinity: My husband, Will (who is handsome, also incredibly talented at a great many things, and just started making handmade bikes) and I bought a duplex. We lived in one side, rented out the other, and learned all about real estate investing. I got my real estate license in 2017, and went to work at C3 Real Estate where I learned everything there is to know about residential real estate, but there was still something missing...

Team: Is that when you knew you wanted to come to Roots and join the #1 real estate team in the USA (according to an internal poll)?

Trinity: It was around the time you begged me to join and help you manage your growing business.

Team: I wouldn't say begged, exactly...maybe beseeched.

Trinity: There was begging.

Team: Tomato, tomato.

Trinity: The difference in pronunciation doesn't really come through in text.

Team: Tuh-MAY·tow, tuh-MAH-tow. A few more questions and we'll wrap it up.

Trinity: That's a good idea.

Team: If you could live anywhere besides Northern Colorado, where would it be?

Trinity: Hmm, Southern Colorado? 

Team: How about an airship.


Trinity: Oh, you mean an Airstream.


Team: No, an airship—a zeppelin, a dirigible. You could float over Europe managing email, and then touch down for a pint of mead in Bruges.

Trinity: I don't love mead.

Team: Nobody really does. Maybe a bright Pinot Gris?

Trinity: Sounds great. Oh, I know, then Will and I could go on bike tours, and see Paris in the fall, and pop over to Sardinia for a swim?

Team: Now you've got it—anything is possible with an airship! But they are quite slow. And also may not exist much anymore.

Trinity: That's OK. This whole interview is imaginary.

Team: You have a fantastic point

Trinity: I really doubt anyone has even read this far.

Team: Remember the airship—anything is possible.

Trinity: Anything else you want to pretend I said before you wrap this up?

Team: That should do it, thanks for letting us ghostwrite for you. But we do have to end by telling the two people who are still reading this what an amazing addition you've been to our team. We started this year nearly overwhelmed with work, and now we are all enjoying real estate more than ever. Thank you.

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