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Danny Crisafulli 

Family Life

My wife, Dee, and I have called Fort Collins home since 2008. As our family grows, we find ourselves embracing the change of pace as our lives seem to have sped up and slowed down all at the same time. Our two daughters, Mills and Willow, had me wrapped around their fingers from the start. Our spare time is usually spent playing around our home or community. If the weather is right, you'll find us outside hiking, playing on the water, mountain biking, or spending time with the people we love. 


Our Latest Endeavor

I love the process of creating, building, and renovating. I usually have some sort of project "in the works." In the last year we've bought a number of rentals, both in Fort Collins and out of state. We're currently working to get these units stabilized and then plan to break ground on a small infill project near our current house.


Experience Counts

I cut my teeth in real estate back in 2010. I jumped in with both feet, selling real estate and flipping properties simultaneously. Since then, I've flipped a few properties each year and now hold a small rental portfolio. And, I love teaching others how to do the same. The concept of finding financial freedom through real estate investments is tangible, and I believe anybody can do it. A huge passion of mine is teaching others how to make that happen. 

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