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Art Show at Roots!—Friday, August 4th

What—For the next several months, Roots will be hosting an art show each first Friday, featuring pieces from artists in our community. For this next show, we are delighted to present the work of the singular, multi-talented Jonathan Myers.

When—Friday August 4th, 5:30-8:00pm

Where—Roots Real Estate 220 Willow St. Suite 102 Fort Collins, CO 80524

From the artist—


I’m Jonathan Andrew Myers.

Creating works of self-expression in various media has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

I love it.

My process is exploratory— I enjoy taking ideas from here and blending them with ideas from over there. Then, I see what’s what.

I’m influenced by the culture of the 1980s and 90s since those were my formative years, but I’m also very curious about the future and the past.

My aim is that in working through my own ideas, it may help others feel things they didn’t even know were there.

All the best, Jonathan


In addition to great company and stimulating art, we'll have drinks and snacks galore.

Jonathan Andrew Myers

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