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Year-end Update—Hoover

Hi All! In the world of Hoover, Thomas & Alder, life is just rolling along. These days, life feels richer and yet more fragile than ever. Concerning family, our little man is teething which has been way worse than anyone said. But watching Alder become a little human with personality and quirks is just the best. I have also felt so grateful to still be able to work and have incredible people loving on him while we’re at work. Thomas had his best summer yet with his deck/pergola company and has transitioned this winter into working on our first BRRRR. We are gearing up for new adventures this year and are just soaking up time with our amazing community.

Real Estate Update

This year Thomas and I’s long-awaited dream of doing a flip came true. We have slowly renovated the three homes we’ve lived in up until this point but have hoped to combine our loves of construction (his) and design (mine) in a bigger project. Thomas worked his butt off this year renovating our kitchen, living area & bathroom. With the improvements and appreciation since we bought Sunset, we were able to take out a HELOC to use towards the purchase/renovation of 3rd St, a house we just bought in December.

After much thought we decided to BRRRR (“buy, rehab, rent, refi, repeat”) 3rd and wait some years before selling when the Buckingham neighborhood is more in it’s prime. We are a month into the renovation and hope to finish this April. We are in way over our heads with biting off major structural & floor plan changes, but we’re very excited to see the transformation.

Haines Favorites:


  • Present over Perfect by Shauna Neiquest

  • Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand

  • The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines

  • The Push by Tommy Caldwell

  • Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle

Fort Collins Gems—New & Old

  • Rare—Best brussel sprouts in town and don’t forget to grab a Negroni at happy hour

  • Emporium at the Elizabeth Hotel—You can get a big scoop of homemade ice-cream in a waffle cone with toppings for $2 at their coffee bar and their happy hour is super affordable with a super fun atmosphere. Check out the Elizabeth’s “Sunset Lounge” for a swanky date on the 5th floor overlooking the foothills, or grab some live music at the Magic Rat bar/lounge.

  • Ginger and Baker—They had a rough start but seem to be getting their feet under them and have another fun multi-venue concept with two restaurants, a coffee bar, a cooking teaching kitchen, a market & event space. Their chicken fried chicken with pimiento cheese and green chile gravy is delicious.

  • Austin’s Family Dinner To-Go—For $22 you get a rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw & a skillet cornbread for 4. It isn’t a ton of food for 4 adults but overall is a great option if you’re bringing someone a meal or need a last minute option.

  • ESH’S discount grocer—Only my favorite place ever!!!!! The prices will blow your mind (just North of the Walmart on College between Loveland and Fort Collins)

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