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Year-end Update—Danny

What’s new in the Crisafulli world

Life update

This is my favorite time of year, specifically mid December through mid January. Everything seems to slow down. One year winding down while another begins. I find myself reflecting on the past year and in the same moment, thinking about what’s to come. I love the clarity of this moment. Being able to almost weigh the year against our family values and see how we’re doing. And as I weigh the past year’s experiences, I see what worked and what didn’t and then think about how to build on this for next year.

We value time, a lot, in our family. Time with each other. Time with our community. Time to ourselves. Well, our time is about to be spread a bit more thin. We’re excited to add another little girl to our family come April/May. We’re super excited. Mills (our 4 year old) was not at all surprised when we told her she was going to have a baby sister. “Of course I’m having a sister. Mom’s pregnant. She’s a girl, so of course she’s having a girl.” So until I find a way to get pregnant, Mills is certain there will be no boys in our family.

It wasn’t all work for us this year. Our family spent some time playing as well. Playing around Fort Collins in the summer time is our families favorite pass time. However, we vacationed to Mexico, Grand Lake, and Ohio. I spent a week in the Middle East visiting a good friend, experiencing Lebanese culture and seeing first hand the effects of conflict in Syria.

What I’ve been up to in real estate

We’ve had a busy year in real estate. Not only at The Danny | Hoover Team, but Dee and I as well. In 2017, we added 24 units. As many of you know, we expanded our rental portfolio to Kansas City last year. We really liked what we were seeing there and feel like we have a great team in place, so we’ve continued to work with partners and add to our portfolio. We added a duplex, a single family, as well as our first commercial multi-family properties.

Favorite Listens from 2017

Just for fun – The way I heard it – Mike Rowe (pretty much any of them)

Favorite Reads of 2017

Real estate related – Cashflow Quadrant

Business related – I have a three-way tie:

  1. Extreme Ownership

  2. The Go-Giver

  3. How to win Friends and Influence People (I have to say, I avoided reading this book for the past 8 years as the title made me a bit nauseous, but it’s well worth the read).

Spiritual/Self Development – Two-way tie for this one:

Just for Fun –

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