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Winter is coming — Is your home ready?

There are no shortage of articles and posts just like this one warning of the changing season and the toll it can take on your property. The problem for most of us is that we still procrastinate these simple tasks. In Colorado especially we have these Indian summers that lull us into complacency. "Winter? Nah, that doesn't happen anymore, haven't you seen the NatGeo posts about the polar bears?" And suddenly, a foot of snow dumps in the morning, melting into our leaf-clogged gutters by the afternoon. So please, at least scan the list below to see if there's anything you're forgetting - before it's too late 😬

  • Schedule a furnace or HVAC cleaning, check-up and tune-up. Beyond optimizing energy efficiency, its always nice to double-check that carbon monoxide is not mounting a sneak attack.

  • Clear out those gutters.

  • Check for dead or dying tree branches that could snap under a heavy snowfall.

  • Blow out sprinkler system while there's still time.

  • Add extra insulation to exposed pipes.

  • Inspect roof for damage to shingles or flashing that could allow moisture penetration.

  • Have snow and ice removal equipment/supplies on hand and in good working order, including a good scraper in your car.

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